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Play therapy uses a method of psychotherapy to decipher a child’s fantasies and interprets the symbolic meaning of their play in order to better understand and communicate with the child.

Stella's Spel Terapie

Stella’s Play Therapy Toolkit

Stella’s Play Therapy employs a range of tools to better understand and communicate with your child.

Fantasy Play

We use trained animals to to engage with children with the aim of improving a child’s psychological health.

Play Therapy with dolls and hand puppets

Dolls and hand puppets are used in psychotherapy to establish a connection, helping the child address troublesome issues.

Play Therapy with drawings

Drawings are the window to the unconscious mind of a child and are used to help interpret difficult messages and complex information.

Sand Play Therapy

Sand play therapy enables a child to create his own world employing sand and toys. The resultant scene can be interpreted as a reflection of the child’s life.

We assist with the following afflictions:

Outbursts of Rage and Aggressive Behaviour

Overly Sesitivity to Critsim from Others

Bullying Behaviour

Conflict Management

Anxiety And Phobias

Ability To Fit In And Adjust To New Environments And Circumstances

Relationships With Friends

Managing Loss And Bereavement

Withdrawal And Shyness

Fine Motor Skills

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Speech Therapy

Fine Motor Skills With Handwriting.

Fantasy Play


Self Image

Midline Crossing

Rape Counselling

Adult Counselling

We also offer adult counselling for suicide, depression and trauma.


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Stella's Play Therapy

Stella is ‘n geregistreerde berader by die Raad vir Beraders in Suid Afrika en spesialiseer in die gebruik van spelterapie . Ek het besluit om my spelterapie en berading kennis te verbeter en het met sukses my Professional Councellor Academy Counselling Kursus voltooi. Ek is geregistreer by die Council for Counsellors in South Africa as 'n Terapeut. . Spelterapie kan voordelig wees vir kinders, van die ouderdom drie tot in met elf en ook vir tieners vanaf die ouderdom twaalf tot agtien. In die speelkamer voel die kind veilig genoeg om uitdrukking te gee aan sy of haar emosies en projekteer die kind hierdie emosies op die mediums in die speelkamer. Hierdie is emosies wat gewoonlik nie geverbaliseer kan word nie en is speel dus vir 'n kind die natuurlike manier. Dit is 'n alternatiewe manier vir hulle om sin te maak van verskeie emosies en gedragspatrone. Garry Landreth beklemtoon dat: "Play is to a child what verbalization is to the adult." As 'n berader wat spesialiseer in spelterapie, glo ek dat spelterapie 'n baie belangrike rol speel in die wêreld van 'n kind. Die rede hiervoor is die feit dat 'n kind se fisiese, emosionele en geestesgroei van hul self ontwikkel. Deur spel terapie groei die kind se geestesgesondheid en emosionele ontwikkeling.
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Stella's Play Therapy
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"The more the parent is demanding/controlling/forceful, the less the child will be compliant because the love and respect of their parents feels conditional. Parents consequently end up making it harder for themselves and more and more force is needed then they lose sight of the child, the child then acts out more and the disconnection continues."
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